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K, October 1966. . 1968 Ford Mustang Production Figures: 63A 2door Fastback, Standard: 33,585: 63B 2door Fastback, 1967 GT 350 Shelby Mustang Serial Numbers. T. A small number of Mexican-produced cars were manufactured with the   May 15, 2009 While the 1966 Mustang was not a great deal different than the 1965 models, there were many more updates 1966 Mustang Production Data:. They came with a 289 HiPo, 390 , or 427 engine, GT equipment, 4-speed manual trans or C6 Select Shift  Mustang and Shelby Production Figures The following tables list the production numbers of the various Ford Mustang models. These are not Official Ford numbers from Ford, but all are from reliable sources as far as I can tell. Though still selling well, 1967 was the first year since its introduction that Mustang production dropped, falling 22. The grille feature a larger opening and the feature lines on the side led to larger simulated air scoops. 1967 Mustang. This site includes forums, classifieds, news, photos, production numbers. Note the In 1967 Mustang was in its prime time with a total production of 472,121 units and of these only 24,078 were GT or GTA models. The 1966 Mustang models were a smash! Ford sold over 600,000 of these, making it nearly twice as popular as it's competitor that year, the Chevy Impala. I am sure someone will find something missing like the amount of Super Snakes built, so it is an ongoing endeavor. 1967 Mustang Production 1967 proved that the Mustang would become a true muscle machine. 7 F 02 A 100001. Shelby introduced a new model in 1967, the GT500. Worth showroom is a 1967 Ford Mustang. With nearly 1 million cars produced in just the first 3 years, everyone new the Camaro would be around for a while. MustangAttitude. Production Mustangs Made: Does not include specialty Mustangs 1964 to 1966 : Originals – 1,288,557 1967 to 1973: Big Boys – 1,688,953 1967 Mustang GT-A production numbers Classic Talk. This book has all the number facts of the production of the 1967-1973 Mustang. The 1967 Vin (Vehicle Identification) Numbers. Buy a Scott Drake Mustang By The Numbers Book for all 1967-1973 Mustangs from CJ Pony Parts. Street Cars. 1965 Mustang 1966 Mustang 1967 Mustang 1968 Mustang 1969 Mustang 1972 Mustang 1973 Mustang. Displaying 1 - 15 of 100 total results for classic 1967 Ford Mustang Vehicles for Sale. I have put together this list of production numbers for most Mustangs. Total Super Sports = 34,411 Dealer Introduction: 9/29/66. In the past, the Mustang's rear had been convex and basic. "Eleanor" returned, as a 1967 Mustang GT 500, in the movie's remake in 2000. This book includes everything you need to know about the Ford Mustang. Model Year Production Figures, 1946-2001. 1967 proved that the PRODUCTION NUMBERS Hardtop  Eight Mustang Stallions were produced in 1967. 260 Cobras. The A is the engine code. . Finally, the 100005 is your consecutive unit number which describes the order in which this Mustang was built in the factory. 1970 R-code sportsroof (non-Mach 1) with SCJ engine and automatic transmission: 67 1970 R-code sportsroof  Aug 14, 2018 The first Ford Mustang owner kept the car. The 1967 Ford Mustang was the first time since its beginning to be significantly changed. 1967 Mustang 2+2. From 1967 until 1973, the Mustang got bigger but not necessarily more powerful. It was discovered too late that Ford double counted the 1970 Shelby production by also including all the records in the 1969 data since these cars were all originally 1969 cars. 2 o 5 o o a' o C 0 11' C C a) o o o o a U o X o C a' E o u o o 2 o 0 E 0 Classics on Autotrader has listings for new and used 1967 Ford Mustang Classics for sale near you. 1967 Ford Mustang Production Figures: 63A 2door Fastback standard: 53,651: 63B 2door Fastback, luxury this page will tell all you need to all you need to know about the 1967 ford mustang to how many was made what colors what size motor 1965 Mustang VIN and Data Plate Decoder Sheet; 1966 Mustang Wiring Diagrams; 1967 Mustang Wiring and Vacuum Diagrams; 1966 Mustang VIN and Data Plate Decoder Sheet; 1967 Mustang VIN and Data Plate Decoder Sheet; 1969 Mustang VIN and Data Plate Decoder Sheet; 1968 Mustang Wiring Diagrams and Vacuum Schematics; 1964 Mustang Wiring Diagrams 1967 Mustang Production Numbers . O. In the summer of '66, exactly 333 “High Country Special” Mustangs, in coupe, convertible, and The production numbers for 1967 was 416 units (Kevin Marti). 1967 Mustang 1967 Mustang The first Firebird was made at Lordstown, Ohio, in early January 1967. Mustang Codes. One car was a Candyapple Red (G. Unfortunately, subsequent models got bigger and heavier - as car executives cannot resist doing - and the Mustang production slipped slowly but inexorably down. They are the best I could do with the information which I was able to uncover. J, September 1966. The new 1967 Shelby model was drastically restyled to give off looks of performance, while also being able to deliver performance. These cars were used for engineering tests and as show cars. that makes it stand out from the other 42,325 fastback Mustangs produced that same year. YEAR, Red, Black, Green, White, Maroon   What makes a 1966-67 HCS so special? Introduction: 1966-1967 High Country Special Mustang The production number for 1967 increased to 416 cars. The Lincoln-Mercury design studio ultimately produced the winning design in the . The car was longer and wider, giving it an even tougher look to it. This site is dedicated to the Classic Ford Mustang, Mustang and Shelby Production Figures: The following tables list the production numbers of the various Ford The 1967 Mustang brought the first major redesign. Purists who were annoyed at the enlarged 1967 Mustang had another thing coming when Dearborn's truly large 1971 redesign appeared. A 1971 Mustang (modified to look like a 1973 model), nicknamed "Eleanor", was the feature car in the 1974 car heist film Gone in 60 Seconds. However, many owners had their dealers or local painters apply top stripes after purchasing what they thought were too-plain-looking 1967 cars. Here are their figures for the '65 model year: 1. The Mustang’s styling, with its long hood and short deck, proved wildly popular and inspired a host of competition. Vehicle Identification Example: 123377N100001 Third digit is 3 for six-cylinder, 4 for eight cylinder. com Home Forums 2015+ Ford Mustang Forum 2019-2020 Bullitt Mustang Bullitt Production Numbers When the average person thinks about a classic Mustang, perhaps the first thing that comes to mind is a Cherry Red 1966 Mustang Coupe. 4. Dodge Cars and Production Numbers, US. Everything is original on this car Low Miles Marti report Breakdown of serial number Ford Serial #7r02Q152347Shelby 1965 GT350 Mustang "By the Numbers" (Updated: 8/28/05) I bet the former Shelby American employees who read this part of the web site, will be amazed on how many production variations we have tracked down which occurred during the roughly seven months the 1965 GT350's were constructed. The 1967 Mustang brought the first major redesign. For this particular year, we’re looking at a 289 cubic inch V8 engine. 2 at the beginning of the model year (1967-1970 in this case) that says: 1967 sample “July 4th, 1966 First pre-production 1967 Mustangs begin rolling off the San Jose line amidst 1966 production; date coded “04G” for evaluation, press coverage, sales literature and advertising. Only 8 Stallions were produced, 4 had the 289 Hi-Performance engine and the remaining Stallions received a 390 from the factory. The 1967 Mustang 2+2 sold for $2,592 equiped with a six, or the more popular V-8 equiped model could be purchased for $2,698. Vehicle Warranty Number . 5, '65, & '66) - 14. Factory Prepared Competition Cars (initially with 260 engines then updated to 289) Validate your Mustang VIN at Marti Auto Works They can tell you everything about your 1967-2007 Mustang as it rolled off the Ford production line. Simulated, better pronounced side scoops helped shape the more muscular sheet metal of the ‘Stang. Lincoln and Mercury serial numbers start with 500001, 600001, or 800001 depending on make and year. 2015+ S550 Mustang Forum (GT, EcoBoost, GT350, GT500, Bullitt) - Mustang6G. There were 18 production exterior colors available in the '65 model year, and Honey Gold was eighth in popularity according to the Mustang Production Guide database. Smith Company. What rear axle ratio? Sure. The sheet metal of the front fenders, door skins, and rear quarters were borrowed from the Camaro. As for the 2+2 Mustang fastback model, its roofline now ran all the way to the rear trunk lid. 1967 through 1973 is a completely different story. The Production Department (yours truly) likes it too, but he is stuck with all of the difficult work. Enjoy. A number of cars have become legends with the help of Hollywood, including the 1968 Mustang fastback. Marti report gets my approval also. The racing video game Ford Mustang: The Legend Lives, released in 2005, features only Mustangs. The cars come with Vehicle Identification Numbers that list  May 21, 2018 Shelby American just announced that it will be producing a very limited number of the 1967 Mustang Shelby GT500 Super Snake, one of which  My first one was a red 1967 Mustang 390 GTA Fastback and my There were a total of 3091 Spring Edition Mustangs produced in 2000. Coupes. The 1967 Mustang received significant styling changes that included revised grille and taillights-the taillights you recognize on Mustangs these days with the three vertical lights on either side of the tail. The car got longer, and The 390 cubic inch big block engine was first installed in 1967. 428 CJ and SCJ Mustang Production by Model Year and Plant. Shelby now began parting ways from the basic Mustang model. Of those, only 3000 were Wimbelton White. This engine added a Body Style, # Produced. Cobras and Shelby Mustangs COBRA PRODUCTION TOTALS 1962-65. This book features production facts on the 1967-1973 Mustang. We are the privileged licensee (contract #5012) to Ford Motor Company's entire production database for the 1967-2017 model years. Chevrolet introduced the Camaro in 1967, which quickly became one of the most popular sports cars in America. The Specifications of a 1967 RS SS . Near the end of the 1967 production run, Cleveland ran out of 289 blocks and substituted their new 302 block, C8-OE-6015-A and marked with 302 in 1967 Ford Mustang. Both Boss Mustangs were built through 1970. The author obtained the entire production database from the Ford Motor Company under license. Only 17,391 fasback 63B luxury buckets were made and fewer of them were GT or GTA's - making this a rare model. Factory Teams Cars (initially 260 engines then updated to 289). Having had my parents own two 1967 Mustangs while I was growing up, I’ve got some very fond memories of them, which means they tend to catch my eyes! The seller of this rare specification and largely original Mustang has recently purchased it from the original owner, literally in a covered lean to where it had sat since 1981! Shelby introduced a new model in 1967, the GT500. Boss 302 production was 1,628 in 1969 and 7,013 in 1970. A website dedicated to the Ford Mustang enthusiast. QUICK PRODUCTION FACTS Production/Assembly: 1965 through 1967 Shelbys were manufactured at Ford’s San Jose, California plant, with final assembly at Shelby American factory in Los Angeles. by the Numbers. On a true Playmate Pink Mustang, the door VIN plate will be missing a paint The 1967 Chevrolet Camaro surprised skeptics who thought that Chevy couldn’t come with an answer to the legendary Ford Mustang. 1967 Stallion Mustang The 1967 Stallion, was a custom-designed Mustang sold exclusively by Mainway Ford, Toronto. The 1967 Shelby Mustang was available in two basic models: the GT350 carrying the high performance 289 V-8 and the GT500 hauling the larger 428ci V-8. Shelby American Production Figures. The 1967 Vin 0123 - consecutive production number; begins with 001 and ends with 03225. 10000 1 -Each Assembly Plant numbers cars in consective order, beginning with If regular production, the DSO space on the plate will carry only the ordering . This book contains over 12,00 statistics. 63A 2dr Fastback, standard, 27,809 Shelby Vehicle Identification Numbers Aqua & White, luxury, 67. That relative lack of collectors’ attention may well make S-Code Mustangs the market’s unsung hero. The rear of the 1967 Mustang was also noticeably different than in previous Mustang model years. The Cougar and Mustang Also be sure 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback Eleanor One of the most instantly recognizable Mustangs is this one from ‘Gone In Sixity Seconds’. Both performance and aesthetically minded, this group included front disk brakes; grille-mounted fog lights, 5-gauge instrumentation, GT stripes and badges and special dual 'trumpet' exhaust outlets. 320-hp S-code 390 in '67, which explains its rapid drop in production figures that   May 19, 2019 We have 30 cars for sale for 1967 ford mustang 390 s code, from just the shear number of variations of Ford's pony-car whichwere produced. Ford broke the 1,000,000 Mustang mark in 1966, only 18 months after its introduction, when the 1,000,000th Mustang rolled off the assembly line on 02Mar66. While I was pouring over the Fox Body Recognition guide last week, my mind began to wonder about what colors were the rarest ever to grace the flanks of the '82-'93 Mustangs. Of the 472,121 units produced for 1967, 24,078 were GT/GTA models. 62. Ford Mustang Shelby Saleen Data Explorer. For the first time, the Mustang's rear tail lights were larger and concave in design. marks the production of the 10 millionth Mustang with celebrations at the  1967 Mustang Production Numbers. Frequently overlooked by the scrum chasing mighty Cobra Jets and K-Code 289s is the 390-cid S-Code Mustang, produced with little fanfare in 1967-69. H, August 1966. ENERGY -ABSORBING ARM RESTS — The 1967 Mustang's new arm rests  1966 Mustang Production Figures, Quantity. G, July 1966. This Mustang was bought as a shell and professionally painted. 1967 GT 350 Shelby Mustang Serial Numbers. check the links below for production numbers. 500) Fastback built out of a pre-production Ford Mustang that wore an   Mar 10, 2014 Date code, Production Month. Though the first-generation Mustang kept the same general design for many years, each year received slight updates gradually creating a more and more aggressive look. That was an enormous sum in the late ’60s. Those numbers were unheard in the late ‘60s and could have made the Mustang the world`s fastest muscle car. I will try and find my source document but someone did some calculatioms against some Ford numbers and a few other sources and made an estimate of 2, 924 painted Bronze in 1965. The fastback now went all the way to the rear of the car. Only 472 Production Numbers: The 1967 Mustang body was redesigned and different from the previous 2 years. Ivy Gold  Say what you want about Ford's first-generation Mustang, but one can't deny its sporting yet practical dimensions, ample number of standard features and a . This car is generally accepted as the first production 1967 Shelby. Ford Motor Co. See Ford Mustang sales numbers, sales figures and sales results from Ford Authority. Marti Auto Works holds the exclusive license to Ford’s production database from 1967 to 1993 and can tell you everything you need to know about a Mustang from that era, including where it was sold and whether or not it was a special-order color such as Playmate Pink. I. Although the 390-inch V-8 is roughly 165 pounds The first-generation Ford Mustang was manufactured by Ford from March 1964 until 1973. S. A larger front grill and body-color side scoops make it easy to separate it from its predecessors. The same class cars with similar performance: 1967 Ford Mustang GT Fastback Production/sales period of cars with this particular specs: Number of gears:. The 1967 Mustang appears larger (two and a half inches wider and a half inch taller) if not more aggressive. 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 2001 2000 1999 1998 1997 1996 1995 1994 87-93 Cobra Production Cobra R Only Saleen Production 99+ Special Editions SVO Production All Yellow Mustangs. It was similar to it's original style but just bigger. Convertible: Standard – 38,751; Convertible : Bench Seats – 1,209; Convertible: Luxury – 4,848; Coupe: Standard –  Nov 13, 2015 The first new 1960s Mustang replicas are nearing completion at a don't be surprised to see '67 and later Mustangs, Shelby Mustangs and maybe even Camaros. There were a few pre-production prototype cars and four cars were built September 1967. 1967 Mustangs have eleven character identification numbers stamped in several locations on the car's chassis and body. Plymouth U. 29 percent from the previous year to 472,121. Reproductions are presently available from any number of Mustang . It was originally based on the The Ford Mustang began production five months before the normal start of the 1965 production year. The introduction of the Mustang created a new class of automobile known as the pony car. A total of 28,800 67 Mustangs were equipped with the 390. Let me give the reason for my curiosity here. Just in case somebody wants production numbers of 1999 and 2000 Mustangs, here  a Ford ;o)) 1967 Mustang GT 390, the car is an original GT 390 with numbers In 1967 Mustang was in its prime time with a total production of 472,121 units  The first-generation Ford Mustang was manufactured by Ford from March 1964 The 1967 model year Mustang was the first significant redesign of the original model. Notes: All Plymouth entries, 1946 to 1959, include an undetermined numbers of Desoto Diplomats, which were Plymouths with a front end clip resembling the contemporary Desoto, and Desoto badges. this page will tell all you need to all you need to know about the 1967 ford mustang to how many was made what colors what size motor. Honey Gold was a long way from being the smallest production color. We can tell you everything about any Ford, Lincoln, or Mercury made in the United States or Canada during 1967-2017. tell all you need to all you need to know about the 1966 ford mustang to how many was made what colors what size motor Many Mustang buyers graduated onto other Ford models so it had that additional benefit as well. Code M - Wimbledon White (avail. 1965 Production Totals - Shelby American, Inc. Production Figures 1946-2001. For instance, a Mustang built early in the run would have a lower consecutive unit number than one built later in the year. Finding the VIN plate is the first step. 1% 2. I was at a car show one time where a guy had several late 60's mustangs. There were plans for a limited production run, but the proposed price was over $8,000. The GT350 continued to house the 289ci, while the GT500 received the larger 428ci. Engine-transmission production for each body style; Option production rates; Charts to observe trends in sales ; How does my car compare? Is it really rare? *NOTE* To put into context just how rare your Cougar is compared to the Mustang, you will want to purchase Mustangby the Numbers along with this book. Miscellaneous Vehicle Data . Serial numbers and statistics courtesy of Marti Auto Works . Shelby now began parting ways from the basic Mustang model to make the cars look more performance-oriented, while also being able to deliver that performance. 1967 Mustang Production Numbers. For this reason, if you have, for example, a Mustang with serial number 100106, our report will list it as the 106th car scheduled for production. The 1964 1/2 – 1966 models had their VIN numbers stamped under the hood on the inner fenders edge of the driver side fender, 1968 models display the VIN at the base of the front windshield where it meets the dash on the passenger side while later models display the VIN on the driver side. Despite the body style change, coupes, fastbacks, and convertibles were still offered, but the fastback in 1967 extended fully to the rear, giving the car a beefier look than the shorter fastbacks used in 1965 and 1966. 4,192 2+2 units were built with a Six, and 66,850 were built with a V-8 for the 1967 model year. I have a 65 Convertible in Prairie Bronze with Palomino interior. Although it was longer and wider, the Mustang kept the same wheel base of 108 inches. During 1993-2004 79,858 Mustangs left Dearborn w/Cobra emblems. Today, for 1964-1/2 through 1966 Mustangs only production numbers are available. Fourth digit is 3 for coupe, 6 for convertible. Pontiac offered both a coupe and a convertible on February 23, 1967. They were later sold to the public. code N, data plate code NOR) in 1968-69; and the Van Nuys, California (Los Angeles), assembly plant also in 1968-69 I have searched Mustang resources in books and on the internet and have compiled these production numbers for the Ford Mustang from 1964 1/2 to current. Sixth digit is model year (7 = 1967) All 2005 Mustang Production Numbers have been broken down into a variety of categories by Color, Transmission Type, Coupe, Convertible, Convertible Top Color, GT and V6 Models. 63A, 2 Door Fastback  Why 1967 Mustang Model Numbers Are Absent In Data Trackers - In Search Of In the coming months, we'll ask Kevin about the last Mustang units produced  Information on the 1967 Ford Mustang including specifications and pictures. 1968: Fairlane: 65A: 2dr Hardtop Formal: 44,683: 54B: 4dr Sedan: 18,146: Fairlane 500: 63E: 2dr Fastback (bucket seats) 3,284: 54B: 4dr Sedan: 42,930: 63B: 2dr There’s an entry in the Mustang Production Guide Vol. In fact, it was the best selling Mustang of all time! Read Please note also that the 1969 Dearborn production total is 470 units less than published in Kevin Marti's book Mustang . Typical Warranty Plate. 1968 Shelbys were manufactured in Metuchen, New Jersey, with final assembly in Ionia, Michigan, by the A. See prices, photos and find dealers near you. For details on production records and how these numbers were calculated, see the first article in this series, “Plymouth U. 4-speed manual trans or a C6 auto trans could be choosen according to the ads. M, December 1966. 1967 Shelby GT500 Is A Nut And Bolt Restoration Mustang Rumors Swirl And 1967 Camaro Production: 195,765 coupe, 25,141 convertible, 220,906 total. Boss 429 numbers were 857 in 1969 and 499 in 1970. Updated 13th Jan 2019. Here are the numbers as provided by The Mustang Source: 1967 Mustang Production: Serial Numbers: Ford serial numbers start with 100001. I think you are referring to the second issue in the series though, next month I believe is the final one - part three. The grille opening was made larger to give the Mustang a meaner look as the rear taillight panel was concave. N. To celebrate (and to avoid a potential production problem due to the overwhelming popularity of the 289 V8 engine), Ford released the Sprint 200 Mustang . Just came across your long ago post on the production numbers for '65 Stangs in Prairie Bronze. 0 litre) Cobra Jet V8 in place of the For sale in our Tampa showroom is this sharp 1967 Ford Mustang Convertible. I know that it's unique to Bullitts because my car is VIN 12 and I know there were way more than 11 regular 2019 GTs built before mine (not to mention the other Bullitts with earlier VINs). We explain the meaning behind the engine codes of the Ford Mustang. Model Year Code 7 Assembly Plant Code F Body Series Code 02 Engine The Best 1968 Shelby Production Figures 2/15/10 Most people don’t realize that all 1968 Shelbys were built during a nine month period. Although A total of 28,800 Mustangs with the 390 engine were produced. 1967 Ford Mustang. What day was the car sold? For sale in our Dallas-Ft. The Shelby Mustang GT500 is considered by many to be one of the peaks of early muscle car development – from the golden age of the American V8. The first-generation Ford Mustang was manufactured by Ford from March 1964 until 1973. Vintage Mustang Forums > General Discussion > Vintage Mustang Forum > Help Production numbers 1967 S-Code IIRC every 390 equipped Mustang came with an extra cost alq!uanuoo x x x x altl!uanuoo * dOWDH x x x x x Il X X X > < o u u X X . Several different packages were available, and many different engine combinations. The 1967 model year Mustang was the first significant redesign of the   The Ford Mustang is an American car manufactured by Ford. '64. 63A D 2A 15K 35 1 W. But the thing that sealed the deal was the realization of the relative (to standard coupes) rarity of my car, as shown by production numbers for the 67-68 Mustang. Body type code 63A Exterior Colour Code D Interior Trim Code 2A Production Date Code 15K District Code 35 Axle Ratio Code 1 Transmission W. The engine is a 289 V8 with Edelbrock aluminum head and intake with a Holley 4 barrel carburetor. Fits: 1967 Ford Mustang, 1968 Ford Mustang, 1969 Ford Mustang, 1970 Ford Mustang, 1971 Ford Mustang, 1972 Ford Mustang, 1973 Ford Mustang The first in a series on production facts, this handy volume examines seven years of data from just about every imaginable statistical angle! #15537 - Mustang by the Numbers by Kevin Marti - New ~ 1967 1969 Ford Mustang Production Figures (63A) 2door Fastback, Standard equipment 56,022 produced (63B) 2door Fastback, Deluxe equipment 5,958 produced Yeah this month's issue has a lot of good stuff in addition to the production numbers. Mine lines up with BrettT's statement of 55xxxx. This detailed information is available through Marti Auto Works (623-935-2558). SVT Cobra Production Numbers. The first 1967 Shelby to be serialized was 67200F5 0001. ” ←1969 Mustang VIN and Data Plate Decoder Sheet 1967 Mustang VIN and Data Plate Decoder Sheet → Best Answer: a big block coupe is very rare. For 1965 a new 2+2 Fastback model added as was the GT Equipment Group. Corvette Sales & Production Numbers. 1967 Shelby GT500 I have a all original Shelby gt 500 that has only been repainted once its in its life time the car was painted by billy jay. The basic structure of the 1967 Firebird was based on the Camaro. 1967 MUSTANG PRODUCTION STATISTICS . Recently, Chevrolet released the final counts for the 2016 Model Year Corvettes and as we looked over the impressive results of a total of 40,689 Corvettes being produced, up by 6,449 cars or almost 19% we were wowed by how this favorite of American icons continues to kick ass in the market. Very accurate production figures are available by color, engine, interior, options, etc. FORD VIN. On every single one he had a piece of paper in the window that said something like this (and I'm making the numbers up just as an example): There were 12,000 mustangs produced in 1967. These two blocks were interchangeable, but there were probably some minor differences. It was developed as the even-more-insane version of the already fast GT350 – using Ford’s 428 cubic inch (7. Mustang Production Figures. Firebird Production Numbers FIREBIRD The “first generation” Pontiac Firebirds were produced at the Lordstown, Ohio, assembly plant (V. L, November 1966. com Production Data for all Years All of this would work in the Mustang’s favor, since 1967 saw the introductions of competitors that it would be in competition with into the next decade for the title of top pony car. For official vehicle identification, including title and registration purposes, the number is in one location. 1967 Mustang GT-A production numbers Classic Talk. Locations: The numbers are stamped into the aluminum manufacturer's plate which is pop-riveted to the driver's side inner fender panel, over the Ford VIN at the notch in the fender edge. Named Eleanor, it accompanied Nicolas Cage, Angelina Jolie and Robert Duvall in a feature about an ex-car thief that had to steal 50 cars in one night. by Gerard Wilson. This is one of the best break downs by production numbers ever obtained. The 1967 Shelby made a drastic styling departure from the Mustang, and was the first Shelby to deviate. And that’s too bad since the Super Snake was capable of 170 mph top speeds. ” These tables are not definitive or fully accurate. The code refers to the fifth character of the car's VIN (vehicle identification number), and denotes the engine the car was fitted with when However, only around 13,000 K Code Mustangs were produced making them S, 390 4bbl V8, 1967, 320, 427. This new book features production facts on the 1967 - 1973 Mustang. 1967 Ford Mustang  The 1967 Ford Mustang was the first time since its beginning to be Model Number, Body/Style Number, Body Type & Seating, Factory Price, Shipping Weight, Total Production Vin Number Decoding - 1960 - 1969 Ford (All Models ). Mustangs by the numbers. New models gave the Mustang a pep but each time a little less so. Only one I know of that breaks it down to the level you want. Through Marti’s effort, they’ve published the book Mustang by the Numbers, which includes production numbers of 1967-73 Mustangs by color. It's now . The number of Mustangs special-ordered in non-regular In 1967 both Cleveland and Windsor produced 289s using earlier year casting numbers but with updated date codes. 1967 saw the first redesign of Ford s massively successful pony car. What color was your car? Easy. Yeah VINs are all over the place, mine doesn't have a V in it for example like yours. Production Notes. The first production 1967 Shelbys to be completed were 67200F50003 and 67200F40018 on October 19th, 1967. 1968 Mustang Production Numbers. code U, date plate code LOR) in 1967-69; the Norwood, Ohio, assembly plant (V. Choose the category you would like to view above. Until 1967, Mustang had this new market all to itself. "Mustang – Production Numbers". With a quick look at this 1967 Mustang, with its light blue body, white hardtop, and white striping, anyone can see that this is a killer example of an American icon. 67-73 Mustang Production Book by Kevin Marti. Although the Mustang’s reputation as a muscle car was more heartily enhanced with Cobra Jet and Boss engines after 1967, and under the modification guidance of Carroll Shelby, the original K-code performer is no less desirable among today’s collectors and is often a bit more affordable compared to its more powerful brethren. 350 prototype, on October 1st,1966. The 1967 Mustang is arguably the first year that these changes start to become very apparent, and boy do these '67s look nice! 1967 brought forth a number of special colors including Playboy Pink, Anniversary Gold, Columbine Blue, Aspen Gold, Blue Bonnet, Timberline Green, Lavender and Bright Red 1967 Ford Mustang Interior Trim Colors: 1967 Mustang - From Colt to Pony! An all-new body style and an increase in size were necessary in order for the Mustang to accommodate Ford’s big-block engines. The first 1967 Shelby to be completed was 67211F7A00176, an engineering G. But the Camaro not only matched the Mustang in styling and performance, its Rally Sport (RS), Super Sport (SS) and Z/28 option packages allowed buyers to choose a wide variety of choices to Production Numbers - How many 2007 Pony Package Mustangs did Ford build? 1967 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 looking to find out what the production number is on I remember as a kid, hearing the old guys spout off production numbers, and why their car was so rare and special. Shelby Mustang Articles. It had a new design and was ready for a good drag race. A whopping 75 percent of all Mustangs sold in 1967 were coupes. Shelby Mustang Articles. 1967 mustang production numbers

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